Ar Redadeg (single MP3)





“Ar Redadeg,” a composition by Charlie Le Brun, is a song written in the Breton language. This original melody serves as a vivid musical representation of Charlie’s personal journey from Brittany to Ireland. The song reflects his earnest desire to protect and promote his cultural heritage and native Breton language among the Celtic nations and beyond.


Lyrics by Charlie Le Brun & Gwenvred Latimier / Music by Charlie Le Brun / Arranged by Billy Farrell & Charlie Le Brun / Pre-production by Conal Early (Dublin, Ireland) / Recording and Mixing by Billy Farrell (Dublin, Ireland) / Mastering by Pete Maher (London, UK) / Produced by Billy Farrell

Charlie Le Brun: Vocals & Wooden Flute / Brian McGrane: Backing Vocals & Guitar / Billy Farrell: Keyboards & Programming / Alan Doherty: Irish Flute “Whistle” / Dermot Byrne: Accordion

Music Video by Joseph Berg (USA) & Chris Giles (Ireland) / Photos by Michael Burch (Belfast, NI) / Additional Images by Adam Stocker (London, UK) / Artwork and Design by Aoife Kelly (Dublin, Ireland) / Artistic director: Charlie Le Brun