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A Breton man’s journey…

Charlie Le Brun, a musician, singer, and composer, was born in 1988 in the city of Rennes, situated in the northwestern part of France. Hailing from a native Breton-speaking family residing off the west coast of Brittany, Charlie has always harbored an ardent interest in the local traditional culture, particularly in music and dancing. He initiated his musical journey by taking up the flute at the Rennes Conservatory of Music, and during his teenage years he acquired proficiency in playing the timber flute. Since the year 2012, Charlie has been residing in Ireland.

Charlie’s unique musical style, a result of an eclectic mix of traditional Breton, Irish, and folk music influences, reflects his distinctive and innovative musical vision. A passionate advocate for the Breton culture and its Celtic heritage, Charlie Le Brun endeavors to develop and promote their rich musical traditions, not just in Ireland but also beyond its borders. He has collaborated with several notable musicians, including Mike McGoldrick, Dermot Byrne, Alan Doherty, Thomas Felder, Thomas Moisson and Ryan Molloy, in his musical pursuits.

Charlie Le Brun’s energetic and heartfelt live performances have enabled him to perform at numerous festivals, allowing him to showcase the cultural diversity of his musical roots to a global audience. For more info: info@charlielebrun.com

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