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Flute repair and maintenance…

If you’re looking for high-quality repair and maintenance services for your Irish flute, look no further than Charlie Le Brun. With years of experience as a musician and flute repair specialist, Charlie offers expert services that will keep your instrument in top condition.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor issue like a loose key or a more serious problem like a cracked headjoint, Charlie’s repair services are both thorough and efficient. He uses only the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art tools to ensure that your flute is returned to you in pristine condition.

In addition to repair services, Charlie also provides comprehensive maintenance services to help keep your flute in top playing condition. From regular cleaning and oiling to more in-depth overhauls, Charlie’s maintenance services are designed to keep your flute sounding and playing its best.

With Charlie’s repair and maintenance services, you can be confident that your Irish flute is in good hands. Whether you’re a professional player or a beginner, Charlie will work closely with you to address any issues and ensure that your instrument is in top playing condition. So if you’re looking for the best in Irish flute repair and maintenance, turn to Charlie Le Brun today! info@charlielebrun.com

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